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PISTON SYSTEM Op Rod - Pistol Length

Superlative Arms

PISTON SYSTEM Op Rod - Pistol Length

$ 34.99

This Pistol Length Op Rod for the Piston System is made from H-13 tool steel which is machined and nitrided (polished stainless steel in appearance) to Superlative Arms specifications.  Op rod and spring included.

NOTE: The spring is not required to safely operate the piston system. We do not use these springs on our personal builds, military or law enforcement builds. We have done a 10,000 round torture test without the op rod spring resulting in zero failures. This is just a mag release spring that helps eliminate the small amount of rattle the op rod has inside the gas block. This spring will fail at a certain point and will need to be replaced. You should inspect your spring after each use if you choose to use it.

***NOTICE*** Prior to purchasing this product, please review the barrel schematic for the critical dimensions necessary to safely operate the pistol length piston system. There is no industry standard for the distance between the barrel extension to the center of the gas hole. This is critical for the op rod length. If it is not the same distance as stated on the schematic, you may bend the op rod. However, we can cut you a special op rod to fit your setup. Please call for details.





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