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Rob Mccue reviewed Superlative Arms5 star  January 25

I have ran many of piston systems from LWRC to pws....and hands down this is the most advanced system....clean running..smooth ..solid built...and most of all light weight.... the key to the success of this system is the patented bleed off. All the excess gas and heat are all bleed off through a forward exhaust port... which means no heat transfer from the barrel to the rail. No gloves needed on this system. I shot 3-30 round mags consecutively in full auto with a LWRC 10.5in... I could not hold the rail due to the heat... I ran the same style upper in full auto with superlative arms adjustable gas piston system. The only thing that was hot was the compensator. I've never experienced a system run like this in my 35 years of shooting.. I would recommend this to every shooter. And for the guys that are direct impingement fanatics. They also make an adjustable DI block with the bleed off. This as well outperformed my expectations. Mr russo thank you for the finest piston system on the market. 

The Gas Piston system is excellent. I highly recommend Superlative's system! But, more importantly, the people at Superlative are great, and the customer service is second to none!

Hans Gehman reviewed Superlative Arms5 star  June 14

Within the last month, I ran an adjustable piston build for an NRA instructor course and Carbine-II at Storm Mountain Training Center, and it only needed a few drops of oil during thousands of rounds. Keep up the good work!